Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Barack Obama Bows To Saudi King Abdullah

I heard this described before I saw it. It's much clearer what our President was doing than I had imagined, That's a bow. OK, everyone makes mistakes; but wait for what follows.

A couple things about this...

First, the stock lefty response on the blogs was "so what?", which of course doesn't square now with the White House's denial that it even happened.

Second, the larger point, of course, is the rank hypocrisy of the media in bleating for days on end about Bush holding hands with Abdullah in a gesture of friendship (as opposed to a gesture of submission) and in the NYT's chiding of Clinton for the slight head bow rendered to Japan's Emperor back in 1994.

Nothing...NOTHING...sticks on Obama.
For all of Obama's faults and misguided policies, it is his desire to make the USA submissive to the world that worries me the most.
Two excellent comments. I may not have a lot of people commenting here but they are all thoughtful and worthwhile. Thanks.
"A hit, a very palpable hit."

Can the Republic survive this gaff in protocol? Stayed tuned, but in the meanwhile, clean your weapons.

Funny you should mention guns, T. Anyway, I thought this was too minor to post on until the report of denial by the White House staffer. Transparently untrue. This is becoming a very disturbing leit motiv with the Obama Administration. Perhaps it will become the thing most remembered, other than the massive, wasteful spending of money we don't have, of course.
Did Eric peg your response behind the funny sarcasm and bombast?
I should have said hyperbole rather than bombast. Sorry.
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