Friday, March 13, 2009


What Happened to the Left's Sloganeering?

I used to think the lefty chants at anti-war rallies in the '60s and '70s were pretty good--Hey, hey LBJ, how many boys did you kill today? had some flare and a bite. There were others just as good. It was a little dismaying to hear the exact same ones, and no new ones, during the early part of Gulf War II protests (wonder what happened to them? oh, that's right, we won). Recently the left had a contest to put a slogan on a billboard near where Rush Limbaugh lives to chide him for hoping that President Obama's government growing/generational theft policies failed. After about two weeks and 80,000 entries, this is what they came up with, about the lamest billboard ever. About 20 seconds later someone wrote into the NRO with this, pretty good, I think.

I fear the crown for the best sloganeering has passed to the Republicans.
UPDATE: James Taranto sees the obvious, which escaped my attention, that the Democratic winning slogan, supposedly an anti-Limbaugh slogan, actually "sounds like an anti-Obama (or at least disappointed-with-Obama) one"--that other sound you hear is my palm slapping my forehead.


"I fear the crown for the best sloganeering has passed to the Republicans."

Fear not, little one. Republicans have no rhythm; can't rap; and even doggerel seems beyong their graps.

When I saw the "winner" I laughed out loud: the slogan appears to be blantantly anti-Obama to me.
"...beyong their graps."

Your rech should always eskeed your graps.

But I have to admit that I'd never have thought of "beyong", so you're probably right.

T, careful, white guy bigotry, if I read you right. Anon. Well done. You immeidately saw what I couldn't even though it was right there. Good one, Doug. It's like that Madness song 'One Sept Beyong'.
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