Friday, March 13, 2009


What Democratic Leadership has Done to Detroit

Here is a heart-breaking photo essay. Here is the NYT on the subject in 1990. During WWII, Detroit had over 2 million people and by 1950 was this nation's fourth biggest city. In 1960, the population was 1.6 million, 70% white. Now it's just over 900,000, 82% black. The mayor has been a Democrat since 1962. The median house price in the city is now $7,500. My 12 year old car is worth more than that. Whole neighborhoods have been abandoned because of crime. Just go to google earth. Look at the devastation of the neighborhoods and former industrial base for square mile after square mile. It really is a shame.

This is how well Democratic government works. We would probably see the same thing with many major cities that have had an unbroken line of Democratic mayors, and councilmen and women for 45 years or more.


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