Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thought of the Day

To be sure, America has made some racial progress. But the dream of equality will not be truly and fully realized until President Obama's political detractors treat him with the same respect George W. Bush's detractors showed him.

James Taranto


I'm hearing Nazi, Socialist, Communist....you even have Congresspeople calling for a revolution. Wow, even the liberals wanted to remove Bush by legal means.

I'd say the Obama detractors have already one-upped Bush detractors and we are still in the first 100 days! The main difference is just that there aren't that many of them.

(please see "defining basic terms")


Hey, Mike, I'm against Obama Derangement Syndrome, but he's worse than I imagined as a leader. I'll call he a fascist, but he's not a dictator and not apparently heading toward one. What was the name of the restaurant we went to last year? A friend of Kit is going to Prague and we wanted to recommend one. Thanks for the comment. I don't agree but I don't like some of what I'm hearing from the right. We do seem a distinct minority but one man with courage makes a majority, to quote an old Democrat.
The restaurant is called Cartouche (Cartouche.cz horrible music on the website).

Obama will speak here on Sunday
Thanks, Mike, you picked a great place for us all to eat.
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