Thursday, March 12, 2009


This Is Why I Make My Own

Not only has the Obama election sent gun sales through the roof, but ammunition is also being bought up at record rates. So quickly is it selling that there are reports of ammunition shortages. I'm pretty much set in that arena, at least for long guns, would need to make a run to the manly sporting goods store (not REI) to be set for making my own pistol ammunition.

My question is why are guns and ammunition selling so rapidly since the Obama election?

Here are the possibilities, as I see them.

1. Circumspect guys and girls are getting them before they are banned or registration required.

2. Circumspect guys and girls are getting them because they foresee an ever decreasing economy leading to the breakdown of social order.

3. Circumspect guys and girls are getting them because they foresee a creeping socialist totalitarianism here and want to have the means to resist.

All the news articles say it's reason #1. I hope it's that. Would love to hear which one you think is the main driving force.



Why do you believe that there is a rational reason? Isn't it just that that the guys and girls are not circumspect but in fact are merely succumbing to fear?

I think it's all three, but especially #1. How can you protect yourself from the other two possibilities if you don't make sure to get around the first one first?

I'm thinking very seriously about getting a pistol and maybe a concealed carry permit. I am a woman who is out alone after dark quite often in places that I don't feel to be entirely safe.
Possibly it's fear, T, but fear of what: 1, 2, or 3?

Thanks all for the feedback.

Anon., I have plenty of pistols but I have not gone after a concealed carry permit, mainly because I don't want to shoot anyone, but it is a much different thing for a woman. Get the permit and a 5 shot .38 revolver, like a model 638, Centenniel or Bodyguard version, Smith and Wesson or any small revolver with an enclosed or shrouded hammer so it won't catch on anything in your purse or pocket.
I think it's mostly #1, with 2 and 3 as contributing factors.

My current "arsenal" are all non-functioning antique display pieces, but I'm seriously considering changing that.
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