Thursday, March 12, 2009


Suffer the Little Does

There is a herd of Mule Deer Does in my neighborhood. The wander through the extensive green areas. It would seem an idyllic life. However, sometimes there are automobile collisions some of which are not fatal. One doe has a ruined right rear leg and has been that way for about a year now. Recently the hanging leg has been broken in the shin part and really looks painful now. Still the doe is in good shape elsewhere and stays with the herd and eats, etc. I called the city to see if animal control could euthanize it. The city is aware of the doe's condition but has either decided, or has its figurative hands tied by statute or regulation, that it can do nothing as long as the doe can move, eat, and stays with the herd. This seems cruel to me, but for shooting it myself, I can't think of a way to end its suffering. We have tripod dogs of course, but they get medical treatment to amputate the broken, irretrievable leg. We wouldn't let a dog continue to exist like this doe is now.


Have you tried DOW? A year or so ago ion the south side of South Table Mountain n Golden where we work my husband noticed a doe with a broken leg in a horse pen. he couldn't jump the 6 ft. fence with the bad leg and was obviously suffering, so my husband called DOW. They couldn't euthenize her because she was on private land, but maybe, if your doe is on public land, they could take care of her.
Shot down on my first try at the DOW. I'll try again. Since this one is free ranging, I'd bet against them doing anything. When we allow the wrong thing to continue, we are guilty of the wrong thing. I'll update if I get anywhere. Thanks for the comment and the kick in the pants.
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