Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The Proverbial Pain in the A**

Of the three intrepid Arctic Ice Trekkers in the Caitlin Survey, the photographer, Martin Hartley, was proving the slow one. Not only did he have a frostbitten toe, but he was feeling a sharp pain in his backsides. Now that the cause of that pain has been removed, they should start zooming to the Pole. Martin thinks solemnly that he has 70 days of struggle left to get there. Let's do the math. Currently they have 894 km. to go. Divide that by 70 and you have their minimum rate: 12.77 km./day. What have they been averaging since their start over three weeks ago? 2.72 km./day. Ummm, that's not so good.

What have they been doing lately? 36 km. in 4 days, 9km/day. Well, that's a lot better than 2.72, but is it good enough?

Hmmm? Even if the Spring weather co-operates and the sea ice drifts less, you just might not make it in 70, Martin, but I hope you all do eventually get there. The last thing we need is Warmie martyrs.

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Warmie Martyrs killed by freezing wind just wouldn't pack that much punch I suspect.

Anecdotally, it is snowing here, in Prague, and sticking.
We would love some snow here. The Front Range looks like it does in July. You may be right about Warmie martyrs freezing to death. OK, we don't need people killing themselves (or even suffering much) over a scientific hoax. Better?
True that: we don't need people killing themselves period (well, at least most people, there are some exceptions).

I just wouldn't worry about the Warmies using these guys as poster children for their cause.
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