Saturday, March 21, 2009


Nowhere Left to Hide

Here is an accurate graph of the four major global temperature services from about this time last year. The satellite services (RSS and UAH) show a definite cooling over the past decade, as does HadCRUT. GISS, which is run by Warmie true believers, and based on unreliable ground thermometers they manipulate, merely shows a flat decade without any warming at all. One would think that this cooling, would cause real scientists to wonder about their AGW theory. It did, just a little, and the Warmie true believers said that the heat from anthropogenic CO2 was in the sea, in some sort of pipeline.

Well, we have placed 3,000 buoys in the sea, the Argo system, which has been supplying data from the oceans, including water temperature from the surface to a mile deep, since 2003. Although spokesman Josh Willis first let it slip, on NPR of all places, that the data showed a slight cooling, he later took it back, and blamed the measurers. But then another scientist took a look and indeed the oceans have been cooling at the same time the surface air (low troposphere) has also cooled. OK, Warmies, I give up, where has the atmospheric warming from the ever increasing CO2 gone?

They will say 'cooling is evidence of warming too', they will say 'we never said it would always get hotter', they will blame the interpreters of the data and go ad hominem ad nauseum, they will adjust the data until it says what they want it to say, but they will not admit, yet, that the walls of their fantasy/hoax house are crashing down around their ears.

With the La Nina firmly entrenched and the sun super quiet, there will almost certainly be decades of additional cooling. Serious cooling. That's because CO2 after 300 ppm has almost no effect on atmospheric warming, maybe a single degree in 150 years or so, and then another degree in a thousand years of CO2 increase. But don't count on the hoaxers to admit it until there is, as with the last decade's phantom/lost heat, no where left to hide.

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