Monday, March 30, 2009


A Man Supremely Confident in His Sexuality

I hate to keep picking on John Mayer but at least you can't see a sizable percentage of his pubic hair in this photo.

Like some of the relatively light weight rockers who can sing and write a song, Mayer was having delusions of guitar mastery as he played, poorly, some blues the last time I saw him live. There's no guitar in sight here so it seems that he might be backing off that dream. Either that or he's started down the Michael Jackson road of wearing ever more elaborate fantasy uniforms.

I'm pretty sure he's neither gay nor ambisexual and indeed I hear he is a great lover with a huge penis. Fortunately, I have no personal knowledge.

Still, this picture makes me hear In the Navy in my head. That's not a good thing. Jenn might have gotten out just in the nick.


What is it about fame that makes people weird? Or does their weirdness make them seek fame?
The famous have about the same incidence of weirdness as any other group, but we see what's happening with the famous. Or so I suspect.

Perhaps, but I am in favor of forming an organization that will deprive celebrities of the right to name their children so we don't wind up w/ babies named Apple, Bronx Mowgli, and Fifi Trixibelle.

SNL did a good one on that decades ago merely by listing the names of the celebrities' children and ending with the plea to stop it before Stevie Nicks had a child. Well noticed, T.
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