Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Graph of the Day

The deficits of the Bush Administration versus the deficits of the Obama Administration. Our current President, like Bush, inherited a recession, which for Bush was made worse by the 9/11 attacks. Bush cut income tax rates (although he spent too much, as did the Republicans in Congress) and the recession was shallow and short; and later tax revenues were record breaking. Obama is doing the opposite. I think even the CBO projections are too rosy. I stand by my November 2008 prediction that he and his cohorts will triple the national public debt.
Further words are superfluous.


Most interesting, I think, is the trend of decreasing deficits from '05 to '07, before the '08 implosion.
I am quite certain that this recession isn't anything like the 2001 recession.
Oh, and I say he doubles it....just like Bush did.
It was looking better for a while there, Eric. I'll give you, Mike, that this one is worse, but a lot of the deficite spending was for fighting a war being waged against us by Islamic extremists. President Obama has apparently decided to stop waging war and go back to police work only (Afghanistan is a mystery here) so what is his excuse? Even if you're right and I'm wrong, it's still really bad, right?
Well, for starters, the wars are not counted on Bush's deficit figures, and they are on Obama's. (add up those Bush deficits and see if they equal 5 Trillion).

Yeah, it is bad, and I'm not thrilled about it, but the first few trillion are basically like a life raft for the economy. My issue with Bush was that he exploded the deficit during some of the best growth years we have seen.

Not sure what you mean about Afghanistan. I suppose this is a set up from the right to blame the incoming democrat for the eventual failure in Afghanistan after the republicans weren't able to get it done in a mere 6 and a half years.
Spending too much was the biggest Republican crime for which they were punished. I meant the spending after and because of 9/11 not Afghanistan and Iraq. The mystery is why Obama would consider that front the one worth pursuing. We slaughtered the Taliban and drove them to Pakistan where they were not finished off. They are returning now where we continue to slaughter them when they show themselves. Not exactly a Republican failure. I do like it that Obama is using hellfire missiles on the predator drones more and more, but that 'bombong campaign' will have a price I fear. Sorry that I was not clearer. The big question for the future is will the Democrats be punished in the voting booth for their incredible, unnecessary and indeed wasteful spending? Time will tell. You can't actually be pleased with Obama's start, can you?
Not really pleased with the situation, but I can't see anyone doing a hell of a lot better. The spending could have been done better, but this is always going to be a problem in Washington.

The bank plan just may have put a bottom in the market, which is good.

I think you have rose colored glasses on in Afghanistan. The situation is deteriorating.

I thought we won the war in Iraq. Are the Baghdad Bearcats a Triple A affiliate of the Nationals?

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