Monday, March 16, 2009


Al Gore: The North Polar Ice Cap Will Disappear in 5 Years

I think Gore is full of it. I bet that, in 2014, the Summer Arctic sea ice minimum extent (measured by AMSR-E) will be more than 5 million square kilometers, an area equal to the countries of India, France, Venezuela and Iceland combined,.

December 2013, actually. That clip is from last December, according to whomever posted it.

I was hoping it was even older, thus putting even more pressure on Gore.

I can just see him now spreading soot all over the Arctic like British sailors searching for the Northwest Passage did to encourage melting.
Buy your coats now, people, and avoid the rush. A new ice age is around the corner.

Is there any way to get him to move away from here? Like to Venus? Venus could use a cold spell.
At least it is a measurable prediction.
The summer minimum comes in mid late September so we would have to go the 2014 in any case, even though that is more than 5 years from when he said it, Eric. I wish the Gore effect was real, Doug, but it's just happy happenstance. Yes, CG, it is both measurable and relatively close. Thanks, all, for your comments.
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