Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Simply Brilliant

In a time of huge federal deficit spending the ever sharp Obama administration has decided to take in less money and cancel the approximate $6,000,000 in oil and gas leases in middle of nowhere Utah, because the areas of exploration are 'too close' to Utah parks, Arches and Canyonland, Dinosaur Monument and Nine Mile Canyon, each and every one a near Eden of natural beauty.

On the bright side, well know political economist/philosopher Robert Redford is pleased, saying:

I see this announcement as a sign that after eight long years of rapacious greed and backdoor dealings, our government is returning a sense of balance to the way it manages our lands.

Funny, I see it as a stabbing oil companies and the citizens who use their products in the back, an increasing of our dependence on foreign oil, and a hard blow to the already hard pressed economies of middle of nowhere Utah. I'm obviously not as smart as Robert Redford, however.

If I can find photos of the area in question, I'll post them.


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