Sunday, February 01, 2009


Report on American War Dead in Afghanistan and Iraq

It was yet another month when non combat caused more deaths than combat in Iraq. Things seem to be heating up what some left wing sources are calling President Obama's Vietnam, Afghanistan, where more Americans in uniform died in combat than otherwise.

According to Department of Defense releases for the month of December, 16 American servicemen died in Iraq, 5 in combat and 11 from non combat causes. This is continued evidence of our military success against Muslim extremistst in Iraq. The non violence in the heavily atended provincial elections is near final proof. I'll just say it, we've won against al Qaeda in Iraq and against the insurgency in Iraq. Things, as even President Obama acknowledges, are not going as well in Afghanistan and more troops are headed there and more fighting will certainly occur this Spring.

Here is a further breakdown. In Iraq, 16 American servicemen died. Three were killed by IEDs, one died from small arms fire, and one was killed in a hard landing of a helicopter during combat. Six died in accidents, inclulding a mid air collision of two Kiowa helicopters and four died from non combat causes and one died in Kuwait and no other information was given. In Afghanistan, six died from an IED (which is a big increase from last month and a telling statistic), five from combat operations and three from non combat causes, one of which was in Dijbouti. The total in Afghanistan is 14, and the total for the wars being waged against us is 30, less than one per day.

One officer was killed: Major Brian Mescall, 33, of Hopkinton, Mass, who died of an IED blast in Afghanistan.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families and loved ones of these fallen warriors, and all our hopes for their continued success goes to our men and women, mainly men, fighting overseas.


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