Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Denver Anti-'Stimulus' Rally

Here are some pictures from the brief rally on the west state house steps by people who are as dismayed as I am by the bill which was signed into law today a few miles east at the Natural History Museum here in Denver.

I didn't do too well with identification of the lesser names speakers before my camera quit working. Below, bald with a beard is night talk radio host John Caldera, who was the ad hoc MC.
There was a guy with a sign with a swastika inside the O in Obama. He was the darling of the media after the rally ended. I asked him if he knew about Godwin's law. He did not, but wanted to know what it was. I told him 'the first guy to mention the Nazis has lost the argument.' He nodded and smiled but thought he was right to point out the lefty/fascist connection. There could be a connection.

There were lots of big checks in the amount of $30,000. I never learned where that figure came from.

The problem with getting a lot of people who will be negatively affected by the bill to gather and complain is that most of those people have jobs. Thus, there were only about 500 people there. I went on to get a record from the Court of Appeals for a brief due in about a week and when I get back, the thing was over. I didn't even get any of Michelle Malkin's roast pig.


One thing for which I've yet to hear an explanation is why the hell did he have to go all the way to Denver to sign the bloody thing?

Please tell me they didn't haul Air Force One out of the hangar just for that?

The significance of the figure of $30K is that the opponents of the stimulus package assert that the cost of the package to each American will be $30K.

It took congressman Broun about a week after Obama was elected to make the comparison.

funny as hell
Yes, Eric, AF1 was at Buckley AFB for hours on the signing day. I think it's because President Obama seems more at home with campaigning than with actually governing. T, I thought it was 2k. Any explanation with that higher figure? Mike, I don't recognize Broun but I do agree Jon Stewart is off and on very funny.
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