Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Advertising California

Have you noticed the commercials in the past half year showing the wonderful things in California and ending with the Governator grinning and asking, "well, when can you start?" Start moving to California, that is. You have to wonder what they are doing wrong in the Golden State to have to entice people to move to California with glitzy advertising? Other states ask you to visit for a while, California wants you to join permanently the tax bases.

I have never loved California, despite living there for four years in the '70s when things were good. So I notice the abandonment, by the competent, of the mess California has become with Democratic leadership (mainly in the statehouse, but lately a feckless, girlyman Republican in the governor's mansion has made little difference) not with schadenfreude, but with a grim realization that at least there are other states to emigrate to and then, sadly, what the immigration of dissatisfied Californians (about 90,000 of them) has done to our state, Colorado, which has gone from reddish purple to a bluish purple as the state has filled up with members of the center left middle class who can't stand California any more (but don't seem to mind putting into the Colorado statehouse and governor's mansion the same sort of people who screwed up their last state).

Then I read the very wise Thomas Sowell today, read John Hawkin's long list of Obama shortcomings, and see that President Obama is spending like California Democrats and plans on going after the "undertaxed" rich to move towards balancing the budget. (Yeah, sure.) Despair follows, because the only place to go now is away from our beloved, once and future (we hope) great country. Most of the rest of the world sucks to move to for good.


Most of the rest of the world sucks to move to for good.

True dat. Just got back from London and, along with my other frequent trips to Europe, it reminded me how good we (still) have it here. Yeah, there are still lots of people moving to the UK, but they're not coming from the US, or Canada, or Australia, or other Western European countries. They're only coming from places that suck even more.

I still love visiting the UK and Western Europe, but live there? No way.
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