Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A Wonderful Start

The Obama Administration seems poised to allow California legislators (und die Governator) to set fuel efficiency standards for the nation. That should help out the troubled big three automakers. A gallon of the high octane gas I have to use in my runabout is well below $2.00 now, so I'm not really looking to improve on its 20.5 mpg in town; and if the 35 mpg model is small, underpowered and light (that is, not as crashworthy) as it must necessarily be to satisfy the dudes in LA and the fiat of Washington, I'll probably pass on replacing my 17 year old Mitsubishi with an American designed car, when I have to. I don't think I'm alone regarding that choice.

Yet the ever declining New York Times praises the decision and calls for more. Really.

The California rules cannot by themselves stop the rise in greenhouse gases. In addition to regulatory controls, Mr. Obama must eventually embrace a broader strategy involving major federal investments in clean-energy technologies and, down the road, some effort to put a price on greenhouse-gas emissions in order to unlock private investment. But after eight years of inaction, this is a wonderful start.

In other words, after killing GM et al. by making them make cars very few will buy, the government should spend more (major federal investment) on 'alternative' energy and tax (put a price on) energy use (other than nuclear). All for a goal that is the worst sort of pseudo-scientific hoax about the latest apocryphal apocalypse--global warming climate change. Tax and spend, destroy the auto industry, serve a purpose that only exists in the lofty lefty mind.

I suddenly have this vague sense of deja vu circa 1979 or so.


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