Sunday, January 25, 2009


Travel Report--Grand Cayman

Here are some photos of the Grand Cayman Island. Perhaps not quite up to Glenn Reynold's standards, but... We had a good time, and were sorry to leave the warm Caribbean for the cold western edge of the Great Plains. The best part of the island is just off the coast about 30 feet down in the reefs, but I didn't have a camera then.

A blue Iguana. Wish I could have taken a picture of the snake we saw but my new bride was attempting to climb up on my shoulders at the time and it slipped off into the bushes. Pity, really, because it was so beautiful.


Nice. My one trip to the Caribbean I didn't want to come home. But I don't think anyone will pay me to drink on the beach in Antigua.
I trust you made a significant impact on the rum supplies. Sorry I forgeot to give you my recommendations but apparently you survived nonethe less.

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