Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thought of the Day

Absolutely nothing can ever be gained by Israeli restraint, except to demonstrate weakness and fan terrorism.

Steven Plaut


Congress Passes a 819 Billion dollar spending bill and your quote of the day revolves around Israel and terrorism? time to enter the economic realm... I will be watching eagerly
But economics is a huge hole in my education. The spending bill is political payback which will do little to help the economy but will rapidly increase the debt you guys will have to pay the interest on. It is welfare and pork and a disgrace. There, you happy?
haha, I know it is, but this is your chance! I am skrewed... tell me how skrewed I am!
Not only will the national debt go way the heck up, but it will be followed by several years of about 20% inflation, just from the recent increase in the money supply. Soon thereafter we'll be singing "Happy Days are Here Again." Difficult to believe that in 11 and 1/2 years, I will retire to full SS benefits and you, in 50 some years, will be means tested to receive less benefits really than I'll get. If you have your own IRA to cover it, you won't get squat. No need to thank us boomers for the panic over a recession not yet as bad as the one we had in 1981. No need to thank us boomers at all.
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