Sunday, January 04, 2009


Report on American War Dead in Afghanistan and Iraq

It was another month when non combat caused more deaths than combat. According to Department of Defense releases for the month of December, 15 American servicemen died in Afghanistan and Iraq, 7 in combat and 8 from non combat causes. This is continued evidence of our military success against Muslim extremists. Here is a further breakdown.

In Iraq, 12 American servicemen died. Three were killed by IEDs, one died in combat operations in al Anbar, and one was killed by a mortar shell. Three died in a single roll over accident and three died from non combat causes (including a death in Bahrain) and one died from a non combat illness. In Afghanistan, one died from an IED, one from a rocket attack and one from non combat causes.

Two officers were killed: Capt. Robert Ylescas, 31 of Lincoln, NE, who died from an IED in Afghanistan; and, Major John Pryor, 42, of Moorestown, NJ, who died of a mortar round in Iraq.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families and loved ones of these fallen warriors, but this is move evidence of our continued success, primarily in Iraq.


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