Friday, January 30, 2009


Racist Republicans Elect Black Man to Head National Committee

Surely that must have been a mistake to elect good guy Michael Steele as RNC Chairman. I mean it's the Republicans. I have had people on this very site tell me that all the Democrats who were KKK in the past have reformed and their places have been taken by racist Republicans. It's complete bullshit, but I am sure there are plenty of Democrats who believe it despite a very clear history of racist Democrats, and the inconvenient fact that the Republican Party's primary raison d'entre was to free the black slaves from their Democrat owners. Yeah, the die hard projection prone Democrats say, that was in the past, since 1964 (when more Republicans, proportionally, voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats) all the racism has been in the Republican party and the Democrats all changed.

It must be comforting to live in the imaginary universe where the liberals live.

And what was the response of the delegates when Steele was announced the winner? They cheered. I said recently that if anyone said America was racist after President Obama's election, I was going to slap them silly metaphorically. If any one calls the Republican party racist, I'm going to punch them hard in the face, metaphorically.


I was definitely happy to see Michael Steele named head of the RNC. I had a chance to meet him last fall during the general election campaign, and he's sharp on the issues, humorous and personable. Compared to the polished and practiced charisma of others, his seems to come naturally.

Oh, and by the way...Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican.
Well reminded, Eric. I like Steele a lot too. The proof of his leadership will be the 2010 mid-term elections.
Well, I for one support a two party system and believe it is in the country's best interests when both parties have something to offer the independent voters who decide national elections.

So I welcome Michael Steele and hope that he can moderate the GOP whose glaring failures as a party over the past eight years predictably resulted in the last two elections.

We will see how much he is able to expand the Republicans tent. Should he not be successful, I will not blame him, but instead that portion of the entrenched GOP rank and file who think that they have a pretty good grasp of the Universe, particularly the Earth which they belive to be flat and created 6000 years ago.

Lest, either of you sprain a body part patting your collective GOP backs: The Democrats nominated an African-American who was elected to the highest office in the land, thereby becoming de facto the most powerful man on Earth.

Finally, a light bulb goes on in the RNC which allows them to consider not one but two Afro-Americans for the leadership post.

Kindly do not confuse yourselves w/ being pioneers.

As for MLK being a Republican, that GOP was an entirely different animal from the one that exists today. Remember "Rockefeller Republicans?" (I actually know one, perhaps the last of his species, living a camoflauged life in Cheery Creek.)

Also, Roger, stop waving the KKK flag over the Democrats, even though it is legitimate. Just remember that all of those Dixiecrats changed parties around the time of Ronald Reagan which could explain wht there are so few black Republicans now.

That's right, it was you who said the racist Democrats became racist Republicans. Prove it. That's right, after we made the first two black Sec.s of State, we were just following the Democrats in nominating Steele. Yeah, that holds up. Yeah, the Republicans were different in 1960s, they were worse. Thanks for the comment.
Ah Roger.

Please do not Rush to judgement.

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