Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Occulting Jupiter's Moon Ganymede

Jupiter is, I think, our most beautiful planet, even in real color. Saturn is just a paler version of Jupiter with some impressive rings. The moons of Jupiter are largely named for some of the maids and lads that the god Jupiter screwed, usually raped. The Greek gods, I think, were not homosexual or ambisexual but, like the Greeks and Romans, treated children of either sex as proper sexual objects. Ganymede was in fact a handsome young lad. All the rest are girls though. When Hera (or Juno) complained to Jupiter about his philandering, he defended his actions by saying that women enjoyed lovemaking so much more and, just to keep even, he had to have a lot of sex. His wife doubted that, so he called in Tiresias who was born a man and then changed into a woman when he saw snakes copulating. Tiresias said--If the parts of love's pleasure be counted as ten, thrice three goes to women, one only to men. Things didn't go well for him/her after that with Hera, but I think he/she was punished for merely saying the truth.

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In the end, though, Jupiter finally got screwed by Shoemaker-Levy.
Drilled nine times.
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