Thursday, January 29, 2009


If The War on Terror is Really Over Now, We Lost

Roger Cohen at the ever declining New York Times has an editorial today where he states that President Obama has declared that the war on terror is over. Really? Has anyone asked the opinion of the terrorist? It seems to me that there a word for a unilateral cessation of hostilities, it's called surrender. Lowlights from Mr. Cohen include:

The war on terror is over.
Yes, the with-us-or-against-us global struggle — the so-called Long War — in which a freedom-loving West confronts the undifferentiated forces of darkness comprising everything from Al Qaeda to elements of the Palestinian national struggle under the banner of “Islamofascism” has been terminated.
What’s left is what matters: defeating terrorist organizations. That’s not a war. It’s a strategic challenge.

Semiotics aside, have the undifferentiated Islamofascists stopped waging war against us here in the Great Satan? If not, I fear the war strategic challenge is still on.

Regarding Iran, Mr. Cohen writes:

Carrots and sticks will lead nowhere. Nor will an exclusive focus on the nuclear issue that fails to examine the whole range of American and Iranian interests, some shared, some hotly contested.

Let me translate that. Iran will get nuclear weapons and we will do nothing but bitch and moan. What Israel will do depends on the rapidly approaching elections.

Well, it certainly is a change.

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