Thursday, January 29, 2009


Folk Rock Loses Another Founder

John Martyn, OBE, died earlier today at age 60. He was an uncompromising singer/songwriter who could make a grown man cry, and not just me*. Perhaps his best album, Solid Air, the title song of which is about Nick Drake, contains quite a few classics, but I like Bless the Weather almost as much. Some of his best songs, in order of my enjoyment, are:

Head and Heart
May You Never
Bless the Weather
Solid Air
The Man in the Station
Go Down Easy
Don't Want to Know
Over the Hill

Thank you, man, for hours and hours of enjoyment. RIP

You can hear and see some of his work here.

*Mike and I at Stanford vied for the affection of the beautiful and talented, La Jolla strawberry blond, Barbie (her real name), especially after she got over her anorexia and grew breasts. Mike went abroad for a quarter or two and wrote often to Barbie who clearly returned his long distance love and he considered her his long distance girlfriend. Soon after he returned he went to her room only to discover that she had a brand new boyfriend. As he drove his Porche back to his home in the Crick, John Martyn's May You Never was on the radio and as the last line repeated "May you never lose your woman over night" he felt tears rolling down his cheeks. Barbie could definitely be a heart break.


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