Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Beinart v. Hewett

Yesterday on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, Peter Beinart talked world politics including the subject of Israel v. Iran. I kind of miss Beinart on Hugh's show (nothing like I miss Michael Kelly however) because Beinart is a lefty true believer with a strong intellect and it's good to see exactly and clearly what a lot of the elite left believes. Hugh asked Peter how what he and President Obama were proposing vis a vis Iran was any different from European appeasement of Hitler in 1936 and '37?

Beinart bridled a little at the question and later called it a sloppy historical comparison. Condescension aside, I have to admit that it is not an exact comparison. The Nazis were German lefty narcissists dedicated to the ultimate destruction of European Jews and the theocrats in Tehran are Persian lefty narcissists dedicated to the utter destruction of Jews living in Israel. I mean that's a huge difference.

I can't now recall if Beinart ever answered the question.

UPDATE: Here is the transcript. And no, he didn't answer the question.


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