Friday, December 05, 2008


Why the Juice Might Have Caught a Life Sentence

Double murderer, kidnapper/armed robber, and former NFL star Orenthal James Simpson was sentenced today to between 9 and 33 years in prison for his latest crime. The nominal minimum was 15 (and he's eligible for parole in 9). OJ was born in July, 1947. He's 61 and the average life expectancy of African American males is 70. It's actually longer if you get to 60, so, say 75 for the Juice. So if he does the full 15....

Those of you who think along my lines regarding his actual guilt for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman can keep your fingers crossed that he does 14 years and lives not a second beyond his present life expectancy. His dying in a Nevada prison is probably a sufficient punishment.


He was acquitted of murder. (Yes, I think that was patently unjust.)

FWIW, I think the instant crime is probably not the sort of thing that should result in 9-N years in the slam. And I think that using today's crime get a do-over on a crime for which the defendant was acquitted (or something that wasn't actually a crime -- see Lori Drew) is wrong.

That said, I'll admit to a bit of guilty schadenfreude here.
In Colorado at least it is OK to consider a crime, for which the defendant was acquited, in sentencing for another crime, because the things the judge considers at sentencing are not subject to the same beyond a reasonable doubt standard as a decision of guilt is. I don't know what the law is in Nevada but since the judge who put OJ away said she was not considering the murders I guess that it's not OK there. One man's guilty schadenfreude is another man's sense of justice.
Dammit, now who's gonna find the real murderer?

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