Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Whither the Savage Nazi War Machine?

My complaint about the current German 'war machine' in Afghanistan is that they don't actually seem to want to fight the enemy. I would never fault them for eating too much sausage and drinking too much beer. They probably have always done that. Indeed, doesn't this series of complaints by the German Government sound just like what a fit hausfrau might nag to her lazy fat husband? Worse, if the main thrust of the government investigation was into the eating, drinking and exercise habits of the Bundeswehr, then the German government is as bad as its non badass warriors. Bad news that their attempts to teach the Afghan Army the proper style of army police work seems to have failed.
The guys in the photo look relatively slim to me. No obvious Sgt. Schultz types visible. Nice G-36s and I've always liked their camo, called flecktarn.

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