Monday, December 08, 2008


Saddam Soap Opera

I watched about 20 minutes of House of Saddam on HBO which goes into a little detail about what was going on with Saddam Hussein's family life while he was leading Iraq to Hell as a Hitler wannabe. It wasn't very good or illuminating, as far as I could tell. They definitely made two mistakes. First, they should have let local lawyer and talk show host Craig Silverman portray Saddam. At least he looks like him. Second, they should have seriously reconsidered the whole project.
But all is not lost. Here are alternative titles (some with subtitles) they could have used:

All My Children (are buried in Baghdad in unmarked graves)

The Young and The Resistantless

As the World Returns (to kick our ass)

One Million Lives Not to be Lived

The Guiding Allah (ite)

Generally Hostile (to all)

The Edge of Bright (hacking scimitar)

Search for (survivors) Tomorrow

Days of Ending Lives

The Bold and Not That Beautiful

Saddam Hussein, Saddam Hussein


Wow...a play on "Edge of Night"? Old guys like us might remember that one, but I'm not so sure about your younger readers.
Little chance the few hip readers of this will know anything about my lame attempt at humor.
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