Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Press' Self-Immolation

Here is just part of the interminable but generally fact free article, a sort of hagiography without the saint, about why Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg would make a great Senator from New York. There weren't a lot of reasons given either, but finally there were a few from an unimpeachable source who,

said this week that there are three central reasons to appoint her cousin to the Senate: her grasp of financial matters, her scholarship of the Bill of Rights and her experiences as a working mother. "There are very few women in the Senate and very few mothers... And we really need someone with that experience, and I think Caroline will be great."

Let's cover and condense that part again:
She has a lot of money, she co-wrote books called the "People magazine coverage" of the Constitution, and she is a working mother. (Emphasis added).
Wasn't there a woman, a relative newcomer in politics, recently who was also a working mother? And the Washington Post lauded her similarly. Right?

As for me, I'd as soon support Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg for Senator as I would allow her brother to pilot my small private plane.

When you produce a product that no one wants, you eventually lose your job and the company you work for goes under. No one wants to be lied to about why Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg would, without any detectable legislative skills and absolutely no experience in public office, make a great Senator; and a talented new comer, with tons of executive experience (compared to anyone else running from either party) is a joke and a drag on the ticket.

The people writing the stories and otherwise putting out the newspapers which are indistinguishable from Democratic public relations have only themselves to blame for the very sad state of modern journalism.

Toodles, journalists, it's been fun.


Gee Rog,

I find the Caroline Kennedy love in perplexing also but it does not take a genius to determine why Sarah Palin was a joke and a drag on the ticket, you betcha.

Elitist snob.
Well, yeah, she was a joke and a drag on the ticket in the sense that she wasn't a...let's see...oh yeah, a Democrat. If she'd been a Democrat and Obama's running mate she'd have had monuments built in her honor.
Indeed Rog. I will own up to being an eleist snob.

Eric, if you think that Sarah Palin would have fared any better if she were a Democrat, you are only fooling yourself.

Tu quoque, T, tu quoque!

While I share your skepticism, well more like down right hatred of the lefties that dominate the media, lets not be too rash in our "Palin Protectionism." First of all, don't forget that Sarah was at first, treated somewhat fairly by all it took was a couple "missteps" so to speak... maybe one about seeing Russia from her house, or a statement about a certain individual "Pallin around with terrorists"...
And then there is the fact that she is not intelligent, as anyone who watched her speeches/ interviews knows.
Not to mention we are talking vice president vs. Senator... Everyone knows that the ONLY job of the VP is to be ready to take over the Pres spot if something goes wrong... senators, don't have such responsibility, in fact, their staffs do most of there work.
"John" I agree that the Palin Derangement Syndrome did not begin full blown as McCain pronounded the last sylable of her name. But it was very quick (also, Palin didn't say she could see Russia, Tina Fey did). Quit conflating mockery of her with the, to my mind, specious reasons for the mockery. Not intelligent? Little early for you to be a complete elitist snob. At least graduate first. Biden is a fool and I can back up that claim with 30 years of his idiocy. But it's Palin who is 'not intelligent' to you. None so blind...
ah, my elitism grows by the day as I ponder my superiority based here in the NE.

Adimittedly, her real comment was:

"As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border."
--Sarah Palin, explaining why Alaska's proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience, interview with CBS's Katie Couric, Sept. 24, 2008

also, do we think the Kennedy label may be just as important as the liberal label in her pretty media portrayal?
There are separate reasons for American elitism. First is family name and there is no better example than Kennedy, even though the only one worth spit, Joe Jr. died during WWII. The second one is Ivy League colleges. That striked a bell wity you no doubt. I didn't go to Ivy League but it has been my experience that Ivy Leaguers recognize that going where they went to school did not make them a cut above. There are very, very competent indeed brilliant guys and girls in no name schools. So neither name nor schooling rates much with me. But then I'm not an elitist snob, although I'm proud of my minor accomplishments, mainly in high school. Did you hear about Caroline shaving one eyebrow once? Weird.
I am a little disappointed in that response...I thought you might throw in one of those "your mother" jokes

I'll just go back to personal reflection of my dominance...

P.S. Are you married to my mother yet?
Yes, happily married--so far so good.
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