Sunday, December 14, 2008


Jumping the Gun

During the interminable investigation, by Illinois federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, of the non-crime of gossiping about what Valerie Plame did for a living, there was a lot of Republican grumbling. After it was revealed that Fitzgerald knew who 'leaked' the name to Bob Novak, the journalist who first published the information, before he started the investigation, a lot of Republicans were asking WTF? What was the 2 years of Grand Jury testimony about then, other than laying a perjury trap for some poor Bush insider? And the leaker, Bush outsider Richard Armitage, was never charged, and good guy Scooter Libby fell into the trap and fell absolutely. Really, WTF?

Then Fitzgerald sprung the trap on Illinois governor Blagojevich at the very start of his investigation, before there was even the first hour of Grand Jury testimony. Republicans were again going WTF? By arresting the govenor and his aid, Fitzgerald stopped others from committing the crime of bribery, et al. Is Fitzgerald trying not to catch corrupt Democratic politicians? It is a valid question.

But my respect for former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, who vouches absolutely for Fitzgerald, is such that I want to believe in Fitzgerald's good faith. Support for this view was supplied by Captain Ed Morrissey, who said on the radio this weekend that he thought Blagojevich was about to name someone (Jesse Jackson, Jr.?) to replace Senator/President Elect Obama's seat and only the Senate, not all that reliable, could have undone that corrupt pick; so Fitzgerald played the hand he had then to stop the selection, even though it sent corrupt Democratic politicians scurrying to safety.

Could have happened.

Or it could be the well known Serbian-American bias which exists in the hearts of most Americans of non Serbian descent.


I'm wondering if fitzgerald knew about a leak and had to jump in before any of the criminals could catch wind of the investigation.

Always possible, but he had the incriminating phone calls on tape. We'll find out more in the next weeks to months. Maybe.
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