Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In With the In Crowd

Spelling, it seems, is not a Palestinian value.
It continues to amaze me that American Jews (or Juice, whatever) are overwhelmingly liberal, as the liberals are overwhelmingly in favor of the Palestinians and anti-Israel. I pointed this out to a friend of the Jewish persuasion lately and he countered who was the first president to recognize Israel? I lamely answered, well Truman might well be a Republican today.
I think, however, it is very telling that he had to go back 60 years to name a Democrat very supportive of Israel. Carter and Clinton are, I think, more representative of where current sympathies lie (and it's not squarely with Israel, which Jimmy Carter called an apartheid nation).
We'll see where Obama's heart lies. He said the right thing on the campaign trail in July.


Yeah...especially prune juice.

Are you sure this guy wasn't just part of the anti-Tropicana lobby?

Hugh Hewitt makes fun of anti-semites by spelling it Joos and saying it with special emphasis in a whisper.
And T, context, baby, context.
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