Friday, November 28, 2008


Wising Up

Going green to reduce CO2 emissions has already lost the je nais se quoi that makes things cool. There are, no doubt, a lot of true-believer, save the planet types and old hippies and the Birkenstock biddies still supporting the cause, but it's just not cool anymore. Indeed, it's not even that popular.

I put this down to not being able to fool all the people all the time and the growing awareness that CO2 levels above 350 ppmv does not invariably lead to higher temperatures; it doesn't do squat, in fact. Oh, and to the fact that all the climate models predictions are not panning out (when compared to reliable satellite measurement) and, finally, to the fact that it's getting colder rather than warmer this past decade while CO2 levels have continued to go up.

If we can just get the gullible politicians to wise up, we'll get past that Charybdis of proposed bad legislation (cap and trade) before everyone realizes just how full of it the anthropogenic global warming hysterics were and we stop worrying about this non problem. Keep your fingers crossed. Reducing CO2 emissions won't effect the climate one way or the other, that's pretty much out of our hands, but it will destroy a vibrant growing economy in our near future, one that provides all the creature comforts we demand. The gullible politicians are well capable of effecting that.


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