Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Voting in 2008

As opposed to the two hour ordeal voting in the District 3 police sub-station in 2006, the new polling place, a big Baptist church, was a 10 minute non ordeal an hour after they opened for voting. I don't know what the lack of lines means. Certainly a lot of people have already voted here in Colorado and probably in a lot of other states as well. I was told originally that I had already voted by mail but I hadn't and they proceeded to fill out a provisional ballot until the poll worker said that there were two of me at that address and I really didn't look like I was born in 1923.

So I got to do the regular ballot, which was long, but I had a cheat sheet for the twenty propositions etc., so it went pretty quickly. I liked the paper ballots. Canada only uses paper ballots and they can count them in a few hours. I know we have ten times the people here in the states but we can have ten times the counters as well. Alia jacta est. We should know the roll by 10:00 tonight local. Then I can probably start championing the non serviam Republicans for the next 8 to 12 years.


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