Sunday, November 16, 2008


This Day in the History of Naive American Presidents Acting All Butch

On this day in 1961, having failed in Vienna, Cuba and Berlin, President Kennedy raised the anti-Communist ante in Viet Nam when he decided to increase military aid to Saigon. He would continue to increase military aid to South Viet Nam throughout his administration and his VP, and successor, Lyndon Johnson did the same, declaring 'all in' by 1968 with over half a million troops in an extremely hot spot in the Cold War. How John Kerry, and his ilk, could even think of the Viet Nam War after 1969 as Nixon's war is evidence of a serious cognitive disconnect. Nixon ended the war quite successfully and brought all the combat troops home, having turned over the ground fighting against the NVA to the ARVN. The photo is of the bones of massacred victims of the Communist liberation of Hue in 1968.


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