Saturday, November 29, 2008


This Day in the History of Liberations from Communism

On this day in 1989, the Czechoslovakian people ended the Communist party's 40-year monopoly on power with the 'Velvet Revolution', a largely non violent overthrow of dark overlords. Just over three years later, the Czechs amicably divorced from the Slovaks and now we have the free Czech Republic and the free Slovak Republic. Let's hope the Moravians and Bohemians can continue to get along, otherwise we'll have to learn even more nations' names.


What is it about this day that makes it "the day"? We celebrate on the 17th.

Don't think the Moravians and Bohemians will split. I wouldn't even know where the border would be. Besides, now we are more like states in the country call the EU.
I don't actually look at historical records and make decisions. I just copy from various "this day in history' sites. So I have no idea why this day and not the one the Czechs use. Most likely the Czechs have their own hollidays correct. Good to hear about Moravia and Bohemia. We went from Yugoslavia to 6distinct nations, and new ones continue to form. That was enough for me. Still we have north and south Dakotas and Carolinas. So it could happen even in the dulcet confines of the EU.
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