Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Snapshots of the Election

6:12 pm Liddy Dole goes down hard in Note Carolina. I'm not crying. She was not very good as(that's Republican code for 'really sucked as') chair for the Senate re-election committee in 2006 and she had lost a step or two on the Sunday talking head shows.

There have been no surprises to this time. Nothing really horrible. Yet.

7:40 pm OK now it's really horrible. McCain lost Ohio and therefore the election. Oh well, a few cards short of the inside straight. Looks like no worse than an eight seat loss in the senate. Well, now I can do the drinking part.

Non serviam, Obama, non serviam.

UPDATE: I've decided not to drink (never my strong suit) but to do some thinking, instead. In the Thumper school of comments, let me say that I think Obama is very bright. He seems like a very nice guy. I have no reason to doubt that he is a good father and husband. He has run a shrewd campaign that outhustled, outthought and outperformed first the Clintonistas and then the candidate of the Republicans. I in no way think that he is evil, but...

His grasp of history is not strong, and worse, a lot of what he thinks is right is wrong. His idea about wealth spreading is anathama to wealth creation. He, or rather his party, with his blessing, will fritter away the hard work of millions for no real gain to anyone, just as he and Ayers frittered away the Annenberg challenge millions in the still dreadful Chicago public schools. He will pick horrible judges. He will triple the national debt in 8 years. Secret ballots for unions will be history. He will indeed be tested by foreign leaders, who are evil but who correctly judge the hardness of his spine, and he will fail those tests just as certainly as Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Clinton failed theirs. He will make our military weaker. He will pull out too early from Iraq, endangering the real victory we have achieved there, and he will flub the handoff in Afghanistan, which is difficult now and will be more difficult they way he'll chose to fight it, especially if Pakistan is estranged by our dear new leader. He will go back to treating the Islamic extremists waging war against us as mere criminals. Our enemies will gain strength and edge closer to attacking us again. Israel should prepare for a second holocaust with an Iranian nuclear strike on Tel Aviv in the next three years, to which we will respond with nothinig.

But other than that, things should be fine.

Congratulations, President-elect Obama.

God bless America (she's going to need it).

Oh, and the next person who calls America racist in my presence, I'm metaphorically slapping them silly. Just warning ya'.


Hey, what happened to Amendment 53?
Why was it withdrawn? do you know?

Sorry for being tangential, but I just looked this up.
4 of the poison pill labor amendments were withdrawn in a devil's bargain. I think 53 is one of them. Not completely tangential.
I hope that you are wrong about his presidency. Only time will tell if your predictions come true, but I very much doubt that all of them will. In the mean time, everyone who is a patriotic American should be praying for peace and prosperity for our county during the next four years, and consequently his success, not failure.

You forgot about the meteor shower that will cause all who see it to go blind after which spores will drift to Earth and grow into death dealing ambulatory plants called Triffids.

I urge you to reconsider your non serviam policy. At the very least attempt to fix your party. Make the GOP a truly big tent party as it appears that many demographic groups found the Democratic tent more attractive.

In the meanwhile, please slap (and I mean bitch slap) that portion of your party which sees Sarah Palin as the future. You want the big tent, not the revival tent.

The challenges that confront us require cooperation from all. I certainly hope that Obama will reach out for ideas and effort from all. To paraphrase the old song: "We need a whole lot less Rush Limbaugh and a lot more rock'n roll.

Take courage.

Thanks for the advice, dear friends. I am not hoping the 'all but the Triffids' future arrives, but this is a list of reasoned prediction which a sober person cannot merely wish away. Regarding Palin, I think there was enough undeserved elitist rejection of her that she ends her political career in Alaska. Finally, it is my love of my country which makes we so eager to oppose Obama. Ich kann nicht anders. The opposition I have to him of course ends at the waters' edge and I will not disparage him overseas nor not support his actions as commander in chief, no matter how stupid they are.
If Obama's past actions are any indication of his presidency--voting for the FISA bill despite his claims to the contrary; his pro-Israel stance; The fact that he refuses to commit to a withdrawal from Iraq; his plans to expand the military and occupation of Afghanistan; etc--I would say half of those things you are worrying about you probably shouldn't be. Remember, you weren't worrying about them for the past two years when the Democrats controlled Senate/Congress. I really don't think Obama's presidency will be any different.

Meet the new boss...

ps. that sucks about amendment 53. Colorado used to be cool.
Geez, Roger...over a week since the election and no new posts?

It's not the end of the world...snap out of it! Someone needs to get that Non Serviam movement going!
I'm back.
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