Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Short TV Post

I now get the military channel on my TV and life has rarely seemed so good. Some of the shows have problems, usually with the geekiness/assholiness of the hosts/show members. The Top Ten show is outstanding and I can rarely fault its judgment. However, they followed that one up with a new show called Greatest Ever and the first one was about tanks. Many of the ones chosen probably should have been on the marginal to worst tanks ever list (the Sherman, the Sheridan, the T-72 , the Swedish S tank, are you freakin' kidding me? ) and the M1 Abrams was #2 to West Germany's Leopard tank at #1. The Leopard's a great tank but it couldn't take on an Abrams and survive. I don't think a platoon of Leopards could take on an Abrams and survive. What are they smoking over there? Can't wait for the show on airplanes.

The Shield ended, very sadly, with a loose end not tied up (very untypical) and with former Det. Mackey in bureaucratic hell over at ICE. Devastating for those who watched the whole series. Just devastating.


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