Saturday, November 15, 2008


Report on Architectural Details From Prague and Bern

Here's a fairly lame photo array from my recent jaunt to the old country. I certainly ate well over there, but the beds are a symptom of socialist self-loathing, or something like that. I've slept on more comfortable hardwoods. Here we go.

Here are a series of downspout gargoyles on the side of the big cathedral of St. Vitus. Scary freakin' downspouts.

I guess this is a dragon, but it might be another mythical beast.

A lobster beast. Good detail on the under appendages.

A more realistic leopard.

Boar with recent repair extant.

A different church in Prague, this one to St. Nicholas.

The St. Vitus cathedral which has the downspout details.

I have a feeling I've seen this mouse before. Perhaps in a cartoon. Somewhere.

Blue wolf, but out of focus. Sorry.

Obviously the model for this detail had to sleep on a Czech bed.

This a portion of the church of Saints Cyril and Methodius where the killers of Reinhard Heydrich, and several others, made their last stand. Three were killed by the Germans (who had used torture, always effective, to find out where the patriots were) and four killed themselves. This seems to be 8mm damage around a window on the front of the church, probably from a MG 34. The Germans lost fourteen in the assault, with many more wounded, so the Czechs gave a good account of themselves. It is possible that the assassination of Heydrich caused an intensity in his chief of staff Adolf Eichmann regarding the Endloesing, the Holocaust, which Heydrich might not have had (although he was clearly a cold blooded, murdering, Jew hater). We'll never know.

These houses probably looked better on paper. The photo does not accurately convey the odd sense of ugliness they have in reality.

You don't often see a figure here in America eating children. Proof of the subtle superiority of European nations.

Modern bridge, but lovely in its own way.

Bern, since it's the German word for bear, is full of statues of them. Some are nice but not this one.

Nor the one in armor ready for a fight.
We saw a lot of citizen soldiers in their good camo with folding stock, full auto SIG 551s slung over their backs. Pretty macho for an always neutral non world power.


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