Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Non Serviam

Really good, smart people, like Andrew McCarthy at NRO, and my fiance, are saying that if Obama is elected then he will be their president and they will support his office (but not most of his policies). Screw that. If the election is a Reagan or Johnson like landslide, I'm starting the Non Serviam wing of the Republican Party. The phrase, which means 'I will not serve', has a good pedigree--it's what Lucifer told God before God sent him to the Hell in Earth. In fact, the phrase/name is about as far as I've gotten. I'll be working on what we'll be standing for, what we'll refuse to do. I know it will be non-violent and won't involve any malum in se crimes, but I need more time.

If it's a close election and McCain loses by a length or less, perhaps it won't be necessary. Certainly the Republicans will have to lose the 'compassionate' sub title. Back to low taxes, low spending, less government, less debt, pro business, pro defense, free trade libertarians. Yeah, that's the ticket. More later.


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