Saturday, November 01, 2008


Manning the Republican 96 Hour Election Push

I did a three hour stint at McCain/Palin Victory Headquarters deep in the suburbs. I sat next to the only non-white in the room of about 50 people. We were calling away with a pitch and more commonly a message if the answering robot responded. I had a few really rich people on my list who had real humans (but not family) answering the phones for them. Who knows how they are going to vote. I also was tasked with calling the coach of the Broncos, Mike Shanahan; I left a message on his wife's machine. He seems like a McCain man to me, but it's hard some times to tell.

Sarah Palin called on speaker phone for the 'troops' as she traveled from town to town in Florida to buck us up. That was nice. I was sufficiently bucked.

I had to clamp the phone tight to my ear to hear and after a while it hurt, my ear, that is. So I was glad to get out of there to do the other errands I had on my list. Most of the people I actually talked to were McCain supporters, or so they said. It remains an outside possibility that McCain can win. It's like drawing to an inside straight, however. Only one card of 13 can help. Still, the polls have been wrong before, especially here in Colorado.



I know that "vonunteers" is a typo but the Freudian implications are delicious.

Whereas I admire yiur volunteerism, my own active political involvement did not survive the Douglas County caucuses in 1984, I was nevertheless reminded of a cartoon that remains in the folder of funny things I collected b/f the internet sprang into our lives.

Since b/f "The Simpsons," beginning in 1977, Matt Groening has published a comic strip called "Life in Hell" although I am advised that in 2007, bowing to some pressure, internal or external, he changed the name to "Life is Swell."

In one multibox strip, Bongo, the one eared rabbit illegitimate son of Binky, the depressed, bitter, protagonist athropomorphic rabbit of the strip, inquires whether he can ask his father a question, and after his father assents, Bongo poses a series of interrogatives that includes; "If you see sommeone wearing a t-shirt that says,"Sexy Grandpa" should you run?" and "If you vote Republican are you responsible for their crimes?"

I thought of the later, reading your post today.

Life is indeed swell. I forget to spell check at all the wrong times. Thanks for the comment. I'd answer yes to the first question, demand to know the crimes before answering the second.
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