Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Absolutely Badass

30 Marines were ambushed by 250 Taliban types in Shewan, Afghanistan, this past week. Results: At least 50 Taliban types killed versus no serious injuries to our badass Marines. One sniper went 20 for 20. Don't tread on me, indeed.


Don't "tread" on me, indeed.


Yesterday on "Fresh Air," I heard most of Terri Gross's interview w/ a Pkaistani journalist named Ahmed Rashid. Check it out on

Rashid seems more hopeful but he did state that the Pakistani, the Afghani Taliban, and al Qaeda are coordinating efforts as in the recruitment of teenage suicide bombers froim Taliban run madrassas.

I thought of this when I read this post, and others, describing Taliban fighters getting cut to ribbons. I wonder when we hear of the Taliban slaughtered if these aren't the newly recruited and poorly trained schmucks while the trainers aren't the guys who killed those 10 French paratroopers.

Certainly, with irregular troops, there will be a wide range of competence, wider than those who go through a lot of training like our guys do. I think Afghanistan will be a 15 year effort, longer if we don't get the help from Pakistani troops. That means 8 years to go.
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