Friday, October 10, 2008


Is Mullah Omar Destined to Be the New Muqtada al Sadr?

Although I do not doubt the guys who are there in Afghanistan, like Michael Yon, who say we are losing in the same way we were losing in Iraq before the Surge change in tactics there, I look to the changes in Pakistan with a real sense of relief and hope. It makes sense that the new leaders in Pakistan want to crush the fundamentalist extremists in the ungovernable border provinces just to protect their jobs and, uh, backsides. It also makes sense that, if there is no sanctuary for the Taliban in Pakistan, the sole non suicidal option left to the Taliban is to join in the non (mainly) violent political fray they are being invited to join. Stranger things have happened. Such a path has been trod before.

If the Taliban gives up violent overthrow and joins in the non bean bag of politics in Afghanistan, al Qaeda is horribly exposed to the wrath of American, NATO and Pakistan forces. Sucks to be them, then.


How does the Taliban enter politics? I thought we don't talk to terrorists. Has that motto been thrown out too?

It would be a shame if it was: such a good discussion killer.
I think the dodge is Karzai's government talks to them, not us.
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