Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Worst Case Scenario

Dafydd at Big Lizards has the most sobering piece I've read on the subject. It appears that in its swan song, the left dominated media still can provide the fabled 15 point advantage to its candidate. They can even do it right out in the open. Food for despair, for Republicans, is this about Nancy Pelosi's pre vote speech in the House:

Make your mind a complete blank on things you have learned from Rush or Hugh or Michael Medved, everything you've read on Power Line or Instapundit or Patterico's or Wolf Howling -- or even here. Just watch and tell me: Does Pelosi come across on this video as a raving left-winger, a bomb-throwing radical, a poison-spewing harpy? Because honestly, I think she comes across as very reasonable and even-handed -- even as she fires lie after lie after vile, despicable lie into the heartland:

And then he gets really bleak.


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