Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Thought of the Day

Here’s a swift test. Be honest. What sentence can you quote from his convention speech in Denver? I thought so. All right, what about his big rally speech in Berlin? Just as I guessed. OK, help me out: Surely you can manage to cite a line or two from his imperishable address on race (compared by some liberal academics to Gettysburg itself) in Philadelphia? No, not the line about his white grandmother. Some other line. Oh, dear. Now do you see what I mean?

Christopher Hitchens on Barack Obama (from an essay sub-titled Why is Obama so vapid, hesitant, and gutless?)


Quick, what sentence can you quote from any of the speeches in either convention? I warrant that for most it is only one, Sarah Palin's astounding misrepresentation of the truth. "Thanks but no thanks." When it was really "Thank you, thank you thank you thank you!!!!! What? The earmark has been cancelled and the project is no longer viable and New Orleans is under water and the Bridge to Nowhere is a political albatross, well maybe we should cancel the project if we have to pay for it ourselves."

For Gov. Palin, truthiness is next to godliness. Or maybe it's cronyism is next to godliness. Or maybe it's secretiveness is next to godliness.

"Astounding misrepresentation"? Please. That's like calling some tagger the worst juvenile delinquent in the world. Learn to get some perspective. I'll be calling you tomorrow on a number of subjects. Thanks for the comment. I recall her definition of a community organizer. I recall McCain's confession that torture broke him. I recall a lot of both my party's nomination acceptance speeches. Hitchens is a Trotskyite. He's not pro Republican by any stretch.
Well, Rog, I have a limited tolerance to political speech. I am thinking now I may be lucky to survive until November. So I confess that after listening to Sarah Palin, I just could not take any more and I did not even listen to John McCain.

See, I wasn't comparing notes. I just wasn't buying what everybody was selling. That would include, by way of example but not by limitation, Obama, Biden, Palin, and McCain.

Call me dreamer, call me naive, but I just don't think it's important how well you an stand up in front of 18,000 or 80,000 people and deliver a canned speech written by a professional speech writer. Nor do I think the debates are a measure of anything required for one to be a good president.

As usual, I will vote for the person who is the lessor of two evils. I just wrote that and realized that my use of "lessor" instead of "lesser" was a written pun; a Freudian slip; or both.

I have concluded that one candidate is hollow a suit while the other is a wolf in sheep's clothing.


So you're voting for McCain?
No, Rog, McCain is not the lesser of two weevils.
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