Friday, September 12, 2008


Thought of the Day's clear that Obama has lost control of this campaign.

E. J. Dionne



A suggestion. Unfortunately, this campaign has become like most of the recent ones. It's polarization city.

Postings regarding matters other than politics are bound to elicit mosre discussions.

Maybe, but I write when the Spirit moves me and I was moved towards defending Palin this past week. The first debate is 11 days away. Nothing much of political importance should happen 'til then.

Last comment: She's awful. She is judt likr W. Surrounded by a a small circle, she rewards layalty over talent and is secretive.

The elite has spoken.

If you go to a professional of any sort, do you seek out the elite, the person who is good at their profession?

I will give you the opportunity to w/draw any disparaging comments about the "elite." After all, aren't we the "elite?"

We elect our leades b/c we hope that they are elite w/ respect to their powers of leadership. When they fail, as George W. Bush has largely (but not completely) done, our disappointment is all the more keen and the effdects are all the more deleterious.

Right now there is a crisis is the global finacial markets which seems to have originated in the U.S. b/c people we thought were "elite" b/c they were entrusted w/ the investment of billions of dollars turned out to be incredibly boneheaded.

There is a difference between being egalatarian and being mediocre.


You can tell how deep my rhetorical arrow hit by the number of words you use to respond to it. Not all elites are equal.
Some elites are more equal than others.
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