Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Right in Glenn Reynold's Back Yard

I was watching the Neanderthal Code last night on TV, such is the unending exciting adventure of my life. I have always believed that Cro Magnons interbred with Neanderthals rather than killed them. (And if you want proof, look at the eye sockets and brow of the guy who plays the bus driver in Speed--if those aren't Neanderthal features...*) Anyway, the show was pretty tame stuff until they went to Knoxville, TN and revealed the existence of the Body Farm, a walled in area where about 200 human bodies donated to science are rotting away so that scientists, pathologists and CSI types can study what happens over time. It sounds bad but the video behind it was truly disgusting--I mean a real stick-with-you-forever bad, bad memory. Thanks, science channel.

*And if you want a white actor with such features look no further than Ron Perlman, currently involved in the horrible FX series about the more noble nature of bikers, Sons of Anarchy. He certainly has made lemonade of the lemon genes he inherited.


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