Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Richard Cohen Glady Jumps in the Sewer

I look at this article like I would probably look on Inca religious rites, if it were possible to see them--I know that it is a human doing this but I share nearly none of the underlying beliefs.

Cohen starts with a list of Palin accomplishments, such as, "exaggerations, ...smug provincialism, ... hypocrisy about family and government." Provincial, sure, but smug? Elitists are smug (and how); provincials are generally more lout-like than smug. Oh well, his heart is in the right place. Like nearly all of the panicked, hate filled reaction to Palin from the left, he's a little short on detail. What exaggerations? What hypocrisy?

Not supplied. I guess we're just supposed to know these things.

The rest of the article is Cohen ragging on Obama for not fighting back more effectively. Yeah, Obama should do what his minions and supporters are doing. He could, for example, allude to her as a pig in lipstick. He could have his staff call her unqualified. He could ignore that she has 20 months of chief state executive experience which is 20 more months of executive experience than he has. There's plenty for him to do. Certainly like John Paul Jones, he has not yet begun to fight.


Dean "Chowda" Barnett noticed a functional equivalent which escaped my attention. Cohen said both Obama and McCain had moments in their histories of "pure wonderment". McCain refused early release from the torturous prison camp and remained there for over 5 years; and Obama became a community organizer in Chicago during the 3 year period after working in NYC for two years after graduation from Columbia, before he enrolled in Harvard Law. Can't you see the equality of those decision, the parity of the sacrifice. No? Hmmm. You must be a racist.

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