Monday, September 08, 2008


Report on American War Dead in Iraq and Afghanistan

The news is still interesting rather than good. A total of 47 American servicemen died in Iraq and Afghanistan last month, according to Department of Defense news releases. 22 died in Afghanistan and 25 died in Iraq, the same as in July. It seems I skipped this monthly blog post in August. Here's the further breakdowns.

In Iraq, seven servicemen died from IEDs. That's low but not low enough. Two were killed by small arms and five in combat operations. That doesn't indicate a lot of stand up combat. Six died from non combat or non hostile causes--one in Bahrain and one in Kuwait. Four died in accidents. One died in a mortar attack. One of the guys killed in combat operations was wounded in 6/05 and died in 9/07 and an autopsy changed the category.

In Afghanistan, nine also were killed by IEDs and five were killed in combat operations. Three were killed by small arms, one was killed by a land mine and one was killed by unknown causes while on patrol.

Two women were killed (both by non-combat causes)--Jennifer L. Cole, 34, of American Canyon, CA and Janelle F. King, 23, of Merced, CA. The officers lost were: Capt. Garrett T. Lawton, 31, Charleston, WV (Combat operations in Afghanistan); Ist Lt.. Donald C. Carwile, 29, Oxford, Miss. (IED in Afghanistan); and, 2nd Lt. Michael R Girdano, 23, from Pennsylvania (IED in Afghanistan).

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our brave warriors and their families.


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