Monday, September 08, 2008


More on Hypocrisy

Here is an article from Rahul K. Parikh, M.D. at Salon (a site which is deeply in debt, over $80 million the last time I checked). Here is the problem I have with what he wrote. The good doctor says this:

It was inspirational to see a mother in a position of political power stand up for a child with special needs. But Palin was given a choice whether to have that child, something, if she had her way as a lawmaker, she wouldn't give others.
Well first she's not a lawmaker but a governor, and as VP she would be an executive still (even though the VP gets to vote in the Senate in the very few cases of tie votes) and second, with the current decisions in the Supreme Court, no lawmaker can prevent abortions of foetuses not viable outside the womb, as abortion is apparently a cherished, yet invisible, Constitutional right.
But the doctor's logic seems to fail him. In no event would Sarah Palin prevent a mother from having any child, with Downs or not. And Dr. Parikh doesn't know if Palin would take away, if it were possible, abortions of seriously deformed babies or even if she would try to prevent abortions of Downs babies (90% of whom are aborted). If he knows what she thinks about that, he doesn't bother to show any evidence of what he described as her "outspoken beliefs." Like a quote from Sarah Palin. Am I asking too much?

Then he calls it hypocrisy:

So while I respect Palin's decision to raise Trig, that's all the respect she will get from me. I don't see eye-to-eye with her on anything else: energy, guns, sex education and of course a woman's right to choose. Her supporters say that Trig signals that she practices what she preaches. But her to decision to have him is also a sign of her hypocrisy.


Although doctors almost always feel they are the smartest humans in the room, like us mere humans, they are often wrong.

I do thank him for updating and correcting my vernacular. I had called Downs Syndrome triploidy 23, but he calls it trisomy 21. He obviously is correct about that.


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