Thursday, September 11, 2008


Lie of the Day

The senator from Illinois is known as a closer, and there is plenty of time left. Keep the faith.

Tim Fernholz (emphasis added)

Closer? How many of the last 14 primaries did Senator Obama win? How about 5 and not a single big state. Wow, that's quite a kick.

I'm serious--you can't count his first successful try for the Illinois Senate in 1996 because he merely disqualified his serious adversaries ahead of the campaign; nor can you count his being crushed by former Black Panther Bobby Rush for a Congressional seat in 2000. Nor can you count his successful Senate run, as his formidable Republican opponent was knocked out by a 'sex scandal with no sex' (with his wife, the Borg babe) and his subsequent run against non Illinois resident Alan Keyes was not a campaign but a horrible joke. So there are two successful runs for the state house in 1998 and 2002 to judge how good a closer Senator Obama is. It's a safe Democratic seat so the actual election was nothing but a popularity contest between Democrats. Where's the closer?

Looks like Tim is bucking up the Democrats' spirits with fibs.


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