Friday, September 05, 2008


The Left's Idea of Free Speech

You can't talk if I want to talk over you and you can't shut me up no matter how
inappropriate my ravings are.

Of course we can shut you up as this photo clearly shows.

It looks like Code Pink loon Medea (Sally) Benjamin disrupting a speech at the RNC. Do right wingers disrupt any speeches? ANY? Because my memory of speechs recently disrupted by lefties is about 20 incidents long.

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Squelching free speech is always wrong.

Hence, the McCain-Feingold law is the bigget insult to constitutional liberties ever.

Money = speech because if you can can buy your way to the podium, you have the floor. It's not an attractive right, but it is an undeniable one.

The McCain-Feingold law is the reason I'm voting against McCain in November.
No, Righties are too busy kissing the feet of their kings to engage in protest.
Certainly not the biggest (the Alien and Sedition Act gets my vote) but a troubling one, although a gutless Bush signed it and a near brain dead majority of the Supreme Court said it was OK, although cooler (and smarter) heads seem to have prevailed lately and may be poised to overturn the abomination. It is a sound reason for not voting for McCain.
And a somewhat shrill and bitter comment from the Czech Republic. So I guess the answers is no, the right respects free speech so much it never tries to silence the speakers with whom it disagrees by shouting over them. Kind of a testament to the poise and judgment of the members of the different parties, I humbly suggest.
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